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What every HR professional and IT recruiter should hear at Web Summit 2022

Image from Web Summit

It's a very exciting time. Our team is getting ready for Web Summit 2022, and we know many of you are, too. (If you want to meet us there, click here.) We already mentioned a couple of reasons why we can't wait to attend the world's largest tech event and have been browsing the lineup for the best highlights.

Truth be told, it's not an easy task. Looking from an HR and IT recruitment perspective, there are so many speakers to see and topics to discover. But we put our heads together and came up with several recommendations. Without further ado, here are 7 must-see events you shouldn't miss at Web Summit 2022.

Building a team culture

As an IT recruitment agency, we know first-hand how important it is to build a good team culture in a dynamic tech environment. The following events will be a great place for learning more about building a positive and encouraging environment.

1. Your first product is culture

What: The way founders communicate, delegate, and celebrate has profound effects on a team's growth, productivity, and resiliency. Merge API co-founder Shensi Ding will discuss culture building as a day-one strategy and will explain how culture building can be used to your competitive advantage.

When: Thursday, November 3, 12:51–13:02

2. How to build a culture in a remote company

What: Building a team culture when your company is fully or partly remote can be a challenge. It's especially important within the IT industry, as many specialists are not considering on-site positions. Ivan Liljeqvist, the founder and CEO of Moralis, will talk more about ensuring an inclusive, effective, and remote culture from day one.

When: Thursday, November 3, 10:42–10:46

3. Building a culture of connection in a hybrid-work world

What: Shifting to remote work can disrupt the connection between colleagues within the company. Why is connection perhaps the most crucial component in building a productive and efficient workplace? Tune in to the discussion to find out.

When: Friday, November 4, 10:45–11:05

Mental health

Two colleagues laughing at a workplace in front of  their laptops
Image from Unsplash

Understanding mental health is a crucial aspect not just for a global IT recruitment agency, but for anyone living in the 21st century. Values such as empathy became more and more prominent. Kindness becomes the daily core of every conversation – regardless of whether the interview will end with a job offer or not. As we live in a fast-paced world with rapid changes not just in work but life overall, understanding mental health and well-being have never been more important.

4. Future-minded leadership, mental fitness, and the future of work

What: How can leaders adapt to the future of work, while improving the performance and productivity of their entire organization? Join this discussion on the future of work and mental fitness for some inspiration. Alexi Robichaux, the co-founder, and CEO of the world's largest mental health startup BetterUp will be sharing his insights, too.

When: Thursday, November 3, 12:55–13:15

5. Building IRL connections in a metaverse-obsessed world

What: Lately, everyone's been talking about the metaverse and how it will improve the business environment. However, when it comes to building a community, the metaverse is not the future – people will still crave in-person connection. In this session, you'll learn why brands should continue to invest in IRL experiences and find out the best practices for building impactful, lasting relationships through in-person experiences.

When: Wednesday, November 2, 14:40–14:55

Embracing diversity

Balck and white hands holding each other
Image from Unsplash

No employee is alike, each coming with their own background, skillset, and values. By nurturing a more accepting and diverse culture, organizations will experience a substantial positive effect on individuals and a stronger bond within the team culture. Make sure the following events are on your agenda to learn the latest insights about the importance of diversity.

6. Message from gen Z: Skip the ping-pong table!

What: With more and more Gen Z entering the workforce, it's important to find a way for all generations to coexist in the same team. Nurturing and retaining Gen Z talent might be the secret weapon for organizational transformation and sustainable business growth. It's important to understand generational differences and embrace them for a smoother recruitment process.

When: Wednesday, November 2, 14:30–14:45

7. Gender equity in upskilling

What: Gender equality and equity is a very important topic in the business world and it has been for years, as some groups are still heavily underrepresented in many industries, including the world of tech. Gender equity is the fairness of treatment for men and women according to their respective needs. As HR professionals, we can help highlight candidates' individual needs and strengths that might outweigh their weaknesses. As we know, skill sets are crucial to getting the desired job, but how can we ensure everyone has access to adequate training for the jobs of tomorrow? Join this conversation to find out more.

When: Friday, November 4, 12:00–12:45

And there you have it. You can browse the full Web Summit 2022 schedule for other presentations and speakers, as there are many more promising topics other than just tech recruitment. If you're a company looking for an HR partner or a tech recruitment agency, let's meet up. Or book an on-site consultation with us to see how we can help you find the most qualified IT professionals out there. Happy Web Summit!


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