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Why we're going to Web Summit 2022 (and you should too)

Photo from Web Summit Twitter

While experts are still weighing in on whether the pandemic is over or only on halt, our team at Mate HR is excited that we finally get the chance to do something we've wanted for a long time. We're attending a tech event, starting with the big guns – Web Summit 2022.

Web Summit is one of the biggest (and most popular) technology conferences in the world. The event takes place in scenic Lisbon and boasts an impressive line-up of speakers, including representatives from Apple, Airbnb, Amazon, and many others. This year, the event plans ​​to bring together over 70 000 people worldwide, enabling meaningful connections between CEOs, founders, media, politicians, and tech enthusiasts that redefine the industry.

At the end of October, everyone in our tech recruitment agency will board the plane heading to Portugal to attend the event. If your organization has anything to do with tech or IT recruitment, here's why we think you should, too.

Is Web Summit worth the hype?

The short answer is: Yes. A couple of years ago, our CEO and founder, Māris Tepers, attended Web Summit for the first time and was overwhelmed by the positive experience. He knew this was an event everyone should be a part of at least once in a lifetime. Fast forward to today, he's going again and taking our whole IT recruitment agency with him.

“There are many reasons why it was important for me to bring my team. First and foremost, Web Summit is an enormous networking event. For a couple of years, everyone's been at a standstill due to Covid-19 and waiting until they can share their experience and stories. Finally, we'll be able to meet the best minds of IT, tech, and innovation and exchange insights,” explains Māris. “Web Summit will be swarming with partners and tech talent. There's enormous potential to tap into.”

Next but not least: Content and knowledge. Year after year, Web Summit brings together leaders who are driving change in every industry. There are thousands of bright minds to meet, learn from, and get inspired by. You can explore the latest news and developments in a vast range of topics – starting from cyber security and data science to tech recruitment, media, advertising, fintech, AI, mobility, and many more.

Finally, Web Summit is the perfect opportunity to drive your business forward. The conference attendees want to see what's new and what's out there. So it's primetime for generating precious leads and discovering potential partnerships.

How to get the best out of Web Summit (in 5 steps)

Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi

You've made the decision. You've booked the tickets. Next up: How do you get the best out of Web Summit without getting overwhelmed? Here's how to tackle the conference in 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Have an agenda.

Start by taking a deep dive into the Web Summit lineup and exploring your topics and speakers of interest. It's also important to be on the same page as a team about what's the goal of the conference. Māris elaborates: “To prepare for the conference, we had a team meeting where we brainstormed and set goals. This helped us figure out what we'd like to see as a team and personally. I also highly recommend downloading the Web Summit app. You can personalize your profile, plan your schedule, and connect with attendees before, during, and after the event.”

Step 2: Explore side events.

People attending Web Summit side event
Photo by Samantha Gades

Lots of action happens around the conference itself in side events and parties. Instead of skipping them, make sure they make it on your agenda. Some of the side events can actually be more valuable than what's taking place on the main stages. Others can help you discover and enjoy Lisbon, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, like a local. For example, Night Summit is an official extension of Web Summit. Every night, conference attendees can take to the streets of Lisbon to explore the city and create meaningful connections along the way.

But be prepared. There are so many side events and afterparties that it can get overwhelming to choose. For example, there's the West & East Venture Party which promises to bring top experts, investors, startups, and businesses together. There's Demo Night and Entrepreneurs Meetup, Future Founders Lisbon, and many more.

Māris recommends prioritizing the ones you're most interested in as you'll be more likely to run into like-minded people and future opportunities for cooperation.

Step 3: Sleep, eat, and hydrate.

Large-scale conferences can be intense, so it's essential to keep energy levels as high as possible. Drink plenty of water to help you stay alert and focused. Try to keep up with healthy snacks like fruit or packs of nuts. For meals, skip heavy-carb options like bread, pasta, and cakes to avoid fatigue. And don't forget to catch some Zs when you can to stay invigorated throughout the day.

Step 4: Make room for personal space

Attending an event that boasts 70K+ people can make even the most hardcore extroverts feel quite exhausted. Find some time to be on your own and gather your thoughts. Go for a walk outside if the event becomes too hectic. It's important to feel safe and comfortable, and giving yourself some personal space often has a relaxing effect.

Step 5: Turn it into a workation

A view of Lisbon, Portugal
Photo by Andreas Brucker

If you're attending Web Summit as a team and want to throw in some additional team building, you can turn the event into a workation. Add extra days to your trip and go exploring. Book a hotel or Airbnb and enjoy the sights, the cultural gems, and local foods together as a team. Combining work with relaxation can give you those extra couple of moments to boost team morale. “That's what we plan to do,” says Māris. “As a global IT recruitment agency, we're a remote-first organization, so this will also be the perfect opportunity to catch up and get to know the newest teammates.”

Final thoughts

Whatever you have planned for Web Summit, make sure to stop and take in the event. Enjoy yourself. It's okay if you don't make it to all stages and side events (truly – it's impossible). After all, there's always time for more next year. Otherwise, have fun, and see you at Web Summit 2022!


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