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Case study: How to take a challenging IT recruitment project and lead it out of the woods

Updated: May 12, 2022

Mansi Vachhani - QA engineer Engineer at online gambling company Videoslots
Mansi Vachhani (photo from private archive)

Everyone who’s ever tried hiring or has been recruited knows that this process seems simple only in theory. In the highly saturated IT recruitment market, there are often delays, unexpected issues, and hesitation from one or both sides of the hiring process.

We at MateHR IT recruitment agency see everything that’s happening behind the scenes, and it is our task to make the recruitment process as peaceful and efficient as possible for everyone involved. But the truth is that more often than not, hurdles come up along the way, and we need to look for ways to overcome them in the smoothest way possible.

Here, we share the story of Mansi Vachhani - a QA engineer who had a long-standing wish to work in the online gambling industry. With the help of MateHR, she was hired by Videoslots - an award-winning online casino company, headquartered in Malta and represented in several other European countries.

We are glad that we could support Mansi in finding her dream job while responding to our client’s needs. Read on to find out how MateHR facilitated a complicated IT recruitment process and led it towards a happy result for everyone.

Mediation of a complex IT recruitment process

The Videoslots project was challenging — and also exciting — for several reasons. To start with, this was our first experience recruiting in the e-gaming field, which is a dynamic and growing industry. We learned the industry specifics quickly and facilitated all the formalities required during the IT recruitment process.

Second, our client was launching in Stockholm, Sweden — a new market where they had no experience whatsoever. We had to help the client understand the local market specifics, and all that in times of a pandemic when most of the processes had to be managed remotely.

Stockholm's old-town at night
Stockholm's old-town at night

Finally, the selection process turned out to be more difficult than expected, with unforeseen challenges coming up. The decision-maker on the client’s side changed, and the candidate had to repeat the selection process, including all the interviews. In addition, the client also changed some of the conditions in the initial job offer.

MateHR’s IT recruiter team competently ediated the process, responding to the client’s needs and balancing them with market demands and the candidate’s expectations. We did all that in a very tight time frame because the company needed to hire as quickly as possible.

Satisfied clients and happy candidates — our best reward

QA Engineer Mansi Vachhani has been working in Videoslots for four months now, and the company is pleased with the work she does.

Mansi originally comes from India and is now living in Stockholm. Working in the online gambling industry was her dream and she had already been looking for a job in this field for quite a while.

When we found Mansi through our IT recruiter networks, we immediately saw that she was an excellent fit for the position. Due to the changing conditions at Videoslots, she went through the selection twice, and altogether the recruitment process took about three weeks. Thanks to Mansi’s patience and persistence, and Mate HR’s efficient mediation, Mansi was eventually offered the job of her dreams.

Mansi admits that she’s very happy with her present job and all the conditions. She says:

“I really like my new job at Videoslots with colleagues from all over the world. They have made me feel at home here.”

She’s also very satisfied with the recruitment process:

"Recruiting process with MateHR was fabulous, and their team was very helpful and approachable. The follow-up process was great; I got prompt answers to all my questions.”

We asked Mansi to compare the experience of searching for a job individually and through our IT recruitment agency. In her opinion, it is quicker and easier to work with an agency, because:

  • You get more relevant job offers. If you maintain close contact with the IT recruiters, they will let you know whenever they have a job that matches your profile and give you all the job details directly.

  • You have one recruitment round less as the company doesn’t need to contact you to see if your profile matches their needs. As the agency already knows your profile, you can go straight to the job interview or test.

  • You don’t need to follow up because the recruiter keeps you posted about the interview process.

Final words

It’s a great pleasure to see a complex project come to a successful result. Mediation is one of the main aspects of IT recruitment, and we are proud to have handled the Videoslots project professionally and quickly.

Last but not least — we are happy about all our projects, but those that foster gender equality and inclusion in IT are our favorite. We are looking forward to more diversity-supporting IT recruitment projects in the future!

With our support, you too can bring bright tech talent like Mansi to your team. Contact us at, and you can be sure that we’ll help you every step of the way!


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