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We have around 200+ IT vacancies in 10+ countries, and you have an opportunity to close at least a part of them.

We are looking for tech recruitment partners – both individual IT recruiters and recruitment companies

We offer exciting projects in different industries, from fintech and education to online gaming and cyber security. Most of our clients are product companies, from internationally renowned corporations to promising startups. In our client list, you can find companies looking for local professionals, talents ready to relocate, as well as remote specialists.
If you work as a tech recruiter or recruitment agency in the EU or other countries in Europe, we can offer you valuable cooperation opportunities.

What would we expect from you?

We would like to receive thoroughly interviewed professionals who fit the given job description. Ideally, we would only need to perform one last interview with the candidate and the client to close the vacancy.


No need to look for new clients

We can supply you with many different projects and give you the option to pick them based on your recruiting expertise. DevOps, Java, Python, QA, Head of development – you name it, and there’s a great chance you’ll find it among our open vacancies.
You won’t need to spend time looking for clients. We’ll be glad to give you as many as you can take.


Well prepared project information

You’ll have all the information about the recruitment project, saving your valuable time and nerves. We are seasoned IT recruitment professionals, so we know that getting detailed info usually isn’t easy. As our partner, we’ll support you with all possible information, and, in most cases, you’ll get it much faster than you would from the end client.


Automated administration and effective communication

As our recruitment partner, you can always follow how your candidate is doing in our Applicant Tracking System with automated status updates and prompt feedback on each candidate.


Save time while working on a project

Most likely, you have experienced situations when a client doesn’t give you feedback as fast as you’d like, even after several requests. If we become partners, you won’t need to worry about that as it will be our job to be demanding and patient. You will see all updates in our Applicant Tracking System (ATS), allowing you to focus on finding the best candidates.
You won’t have to spend your time leading the candidate through the hiring process, negotiating with clients regarding salaries, convincing clients that the candidate is a good fit for an interview, or reminding them that it's time to move forward. Such processes can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, and we will be the ones responsible for their execution.


Earn more

We welcome IT recruitment agencies and freelancers. Our commission rate is the same for individuals and companies. The full amount is transferred to your bank account after the candidate's first working day. This is a great value offer. Furthermore, we have a special volume bonus system. Do less, have more time to look for good candidates & Earn more.




At the moment, we have 200+ open IT vacancies, and the number is growing rapidly. Contact us to get more information and schedule a call with us! 

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