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We are happy to have you as a partner and looking forward to successful cooperation. To save your time and make our communication simple and easy, we have some friendly tips.

Once you become our partner, we will invite you to our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) called Manatal. You will receive a username and password via email to access the platform. Manatal provides you with a comprehensive view of available vacancies and enables you to easily track and manage your candidates' information.


You’ll be automatically added as an “Admin” and you can invite other recruiters as Consultants or Admins by:

1) selecting
Administration under your logo on the main dashboard and
2) clicking on
Invite a teammate in the left corner.


Manatal Pic 1.png

Before uploading a candidate's CV and profile onto Manatal, we require that you conduct an interview with each candidate. It is important to ensure that the candidate's level of English (or other relevant language) corresponds to the proficiency level specified in the job description.


To add a candidate on Manatal, please select the relevant vacancy, then click
Submit Candidates


Manatal Pic 2.png

Upon uploading the CV, you will be prompted to complete the candidate information form (as shown in Picture). Certain fields will be pre-populated with information, but please ensure that you carefully review and fill out the fields mentioned below, as otherwise we can’t move forward with your candidate and ensure a successful placement.


Contact Details: Phone and Email  (please add a link to the LinkedIn profile and GitHub link under “Other Contact” if you have one)
Location Details: Nationality (Citizenship) & Location - city and country
Current Company & Package: Years of experience - Overall IT experience
Expected Package: Expected Salary (please specify net or gross)

DESCRIPTION: Please enter the following information in the blank space below, as shown in Picture (text in italics given as an example):

Manatal Pic 4(1).png

Short description (interests, what's so special regarding this candidate): We have recognized his/her interest in self-development. This candidate likes to attend meetups and sometimes organize tech talks in his/her company. He/she has published 3 Apps on the Play Store.

Current position or project (short description of duties and technologies used): there is no need to add the same information we can find in the CV. This is necessary when the CV is poor or there is nothing about technologies used in the current project, team size, and the exact duties of the candidate.

TOP 5 technology skills (Full-stack split FE-40% and BE-60%): Java, Java for Android, Xamarin, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS

Motivation: Current company has financial problems, and offered project looks good for self-development.

Education: it is especially important when we are discussing relocation

English level: always important

Visa Type and Deadline: only if the candidate has a Visa

How fast can relocate / Notice period: 3 months

Relocating alone or with somebody (if relocation is needed): with wife

*if there are some specific requirements
for the vacancy, you should comment on them too.

After entering this info,
please click the
SAVE  button.

Time is of the essence when it comes to securing a successful placement. We strongly urge you to prioritize the accuracy and completeness of the candidate information you provide when adding new candidates. Remember, the more information you can provide, the better equipped we will be to quickly and effectively match qualified candidates with suitable job opportunities.

Once the candidate is moved to the stage of Organize a Calendly interview, please get in touch with the candidate and coordinate an interview at his/her convenience and our availability. You can schedule the interview here:


After we have held an interview with the candidate, you will be able to track their application status and any updates in our ATS.

Hoping for great cooperation,

MateHR Team


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